Landscape Maintenance Services

Rediscover the joys of your yard and landscape... Leave the maintenance to McDonough!

McDonough offers seasonal landscape maintenance including planting bed maintenance (top dressing, mulch, plantings, etc), mosquito control, and residential snow removal services.

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Please note that we do not offer lawn care services at this time.

Summer/Spring/Fall Landscape Maintenance Services

Unless you are a professional landscaper, you probably dread the landscape work that comes with the beauty and warmth of a Minnesota springtime. Fear no more! McDonough offers seasonal landscape maintenance services for the warmer months.

Planting Bed Start-Up

Pruning, light cultivation of mulch, and a general clean-up of all planting beds. Old perennial growth and any leaves left from the fall will be removed. A slow release granular weed preventer and a spring fertilizer will be applied. Edging lines will be checked and trimmed as needed. Completed in early spring, this is one of those projects that can get subjective. We will keep it to a more of a a quick once-over and advise if a restoration project will need separately priced.

Starting at $259.95

The best time to apply a fresh layer of premium shredded wood mulch is after the planting bed start-up. We recommend Western Red Cedar, but will use the mulch that best matches your landscape. It not only looks great, naturally suppresses weeds, provides nutrients, and holds moisture at the plant roots.

Price Quoted Per Project

We prune, clean-up, cultivate & weed, and monitor plant health. This service can be performed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on your landscape and desired level of service. We start in May and end in October. weed control products will be applied as needed, and planting fertilizer added.

Pricing starts at $79.95 for monthly service

For customers who do not need weekly or monthly maintenance we offer a one-time clean-up of your planting beds. This is usually completed late-June to mid-July.

Pricing starts at $259.95

We will prune back perennial growth, prune shrubs & ornamental trees as needed and remove all of those leaves that fell. This service will often take two visits, as all of the leaves do not fall at once. Fall clean-ups are started in late October and finish in November.

Pricing starts at $325.95

Hanging baskets, pots of Annuals, and Splashes of Color in the planting bed. Change your decorations for each season.

Pricing Per Project

Mosquito Control

Enjoy your yard without those pesky mosquitoes. We are proud to offer a variety of mosquito control measures, from organic spraying before an upcoming event like a wedding or outdoor party - or seasonal plans utilizing conventional chemical sprays. McDonough Landscape has a mosquito control solution for every yard and outdoor space!

  • Organic and conventional spray options
  • Seasonal plan or one-time sprays
  • Protect your family from mosquito-carried illness
  • Mosquito control spraying for Woodbury, Cottage Grove, and surrounding East Metro.

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Snow Removal Services

Snow and ice are two things that Minnesotans know all too well. From the first flakes in October to April’s last minute blizzard, winter can be a beautiful yet dangerous season. Every year, expensive snow blowers and strenuous shoveling empty the wallets and endanger the lives of thousands throughout the Twin Cities. Trust McDonough Landscaping to take the pain out of snow removal this winter and start enjoying the season that made Minnesota famous!

Residential Snow Removal

How does never having to shovel your driveway again sound? Let’s make this dream a reality! While your neighbors are out shoveling in the cold, McDonough Landscaping will:

  • Plow your driveway
  • Clear your sidewalks and walkways
  • Salt and sand icy areas
  • Move excess snow safely and evenly

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