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A Backyard Space to Love…

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

The transformation from spring to summer is inspiring. Slowly Minnesotans emerge from the comforts of their cocoons into the splendor of the outdoors.


It’s about time.

Now, evaluate what you see.


Does your yard’s appearance fill you with love [cue the radiant, fluttering butterflies] or do you dread the thought of spending one more year with the same old rusty lawn furniture?


It’s time to invest in an outdoor sanctuary. You deserve it, so let’s start moving ahead!


The creation of a functional and peaceful outdoor living space entails careful planning. There should be consideration of available space, architectural elements and color, and traffic flow. The sheer variety of options can be overwhelming but don’t distress. The McDonough Landscaping design experts can ease creativity overload. We promise to make the planning and building processes as painless as possible.


We’ll help you to plan a backyard oasis that matches your budget, functional, and aesthetic requirements.


How can we help you to love your backyard? First, you’ll need to make a list of your “wants and needs.”


Will the living space be open-air or will it include elements of privacy and shelter?



When thinking about these options, consider the climate. Invest your money in an outdoor space that will be comfortable and inviting. Create the optimal amount of sun and shade. What is the maximum number of guests you’d like to accommodate in the outdoor space?

Determine how many people will be dining at once, if there’ll be additional seating by features of interest, and if seating will be permanent and weatherproof or removable.


Will you be adding a cooking feature or need plumbing?



What other amenities are on your wish list?

Maybe you want to add a fireplace, pool, landscape lighting, fire pit, waterfall, sound system or even a pond!


Make your backyard a favorite gathering space for entertainment and relaxation. Just put together your wants and needs list and we’ll do the rest. The experienced McDonough Landscape staff members bring the comforts of indoors – outside!

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