New 2014 Landscaping Ideas

New for 2014: Plants & Landscape Bed Ideas

Have you started planning your spring planting for 2014? If you’re changing up your landscaping, you’re probably wondering what new plants there are to choose from and new landscape bed ideas. We’re constantly working with our clients to come up with new ideas for their yard. Here are some new ideas for your yard for the summer of 2014:

New Plants

  • “Blackberry Ice” – A perennial with green and pink leaves that likes part sun to sun.
  • “Winterberry” – A shrub with red or yellow berries that likes part sun to sun.
  • “Sweet Romance” – A perennial lavender variety for an aromatic garden design.
  • “Summerific” – A beautiful perennial flower with white and pink petals that prefers part sun to sun.
  • “Handy Man” – A rhododendron variety that makes an excellent shrub in sunny areas of your yard.
  • “Fire Light” – A hardy hydrangea shrub for sunny areas.
  • “Scentsation” – A honeysuckle variety shrub that makes a perfect accent to any landscaping bed.

For more new plants, check out Proven Winners website!

Landscape Bed Ideas


Dry creek bed.





You can never have too many flowers!





Moss for a shady walkway.



Hidden splash fountain!









Are you working on planning out your 2014 landscape design? Call McDonough Landscaping today and we’ll help you choose the right plants, design, and materials for your project. Our professional expertise will keep your project on budget and on track. Call today so you can enjoy your yard all summer long!

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