Don’t Just Sit Outside – Live Outside With These Outdoor Kitchen Ideas


More and more people are moving away from the simple grill and patio table and conceptualizing full outdoor kitchen and dining spaces. These backyard oases run the gamut from simple and functional to luxurious and all-inclusive. Here are some motivations behind and trends in outdoor kitchen spaces that will open up your mind to the endless possibilities.


What is driving the outdoor kitchen trend?


The staycation is the new vacation. An increasing number of homeowners are seeking ways to create an environment conducive to unwinding, relaxing and connecting with loved ones on the comfort of their own property. There is also a growing demand for the convenience of a complete outdoor food prep and serving setup. This allows hosts and hostesses to entertain their guests without the interruption of running back and forth into the house to prep food, bus dishes etc. What’s more? Manufacturers now claim that all the components of a traditional kitchen are available to consumers in waterproof and weather-resistant models.


Trends in outdoor kitchens


Appliances: Stainless steel continues to be the look of choice for large outdoor kitchen appliances. Stainless steel appliances such as high-quality built-in BBQs, refrigerators and dishwashers as well as sinks, weather-resistant cabinetry and built-in cooktops are durable, functional and elegant.


Food prep stations: For homeowners who plan to serve elaborate outdoor meals, many plan for a separate food prep station next to the sink with ample countertop space for slicing, dicing and chopping. They often also add a garbage disposal or trash chute for easy food waste disposal.


Pergolas: Pergolas are both stylish and functional. They create an inviting canopy under which you can affix a ceiling fan, an ambient light fixture or string lights. Pergolas also provide shade from the sweltering midday sun and are the perfect spot to hang plants, grow vines or attach retractable shades for weather protection.



Firepits: Nothing facilitates a welcoming ambience like a firepit. Homeowners are incorporating firepits into their outdoor kitchen spaces for the soft glow and warmth. Firepits also make a great gathering place for post-meal drinks and conversation.


Pizza ovens: These are all the rage for pizza-loving homeowners across the country. They’re typically made of brick or clay and contain adjoining firewood storage space.  


Bars: Homeowners that plan to serve more drinks than elaborate al fresco meals often opt to design a bar as the focal point of their outdoor kitchen space. These outdoor bars are composed of various materials. They can be made of anything from stone to brick or wood and their surfaces can be topped with anything from glass mosaic to granite to stone tile. Ultra high-end bars may even be built adjacent to an outdoor pool for a swim-up-bar experience.


Other ultra high-end outdoor kitchen features include plasma televisions, surround-sound speaker systems and martini glass chilling racks. If you can envision it, it’s possible!


Are you thinking about upping your al fresco dining game? We’d love to discuss your ideas with you and help you design your perfect outdoor kitchen space!


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