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Are You Deterring Burglars?

Are You Deterring Burglars?

I’m a fast learner.

After two attempted break-ins at our storage facility, it was determined that something needed to be done to deter burglars.

After digging into “the anatomy of a burglary,” I found out that burglars want to spend no more than 60 seconds breaking in (with an average of eight to twelve minutes spent inside). Interestingly, the typical house burglar is a male teen who lives within a few miles of the home and the risk of being victimized by a “professional thief” is very low.

I, like many other people, soon came to the realization that throwing a lot of money at an alarm system every month might not be the only answer.

Okay, when it comes to break-ins, common sense tells us we should:

  • refrain from mentioning our travel plans online (but I still see you doing this)
  • install deadbolt locks
  • own a dog
  • secure sliding doors
  • lock garage doors
  • sporadically park the car in and out of the garage
  • display a home security sign

But, did you know that law enforcement officials also recommend landscaping and lighting changes to provide security?

lightingTall shrubbery around the house hides a burglar. By trimming bushes to less than three feet, visibility is increased by neighbors and traffic. By all means, throw in some thorny plants too!

What else should you do? Light up those dark exterior corners.

Properly placed lighting is a huge asset to a homeowner. Burglars don’t like areas that are well lit. They’d much rather skulk around in the dark because there’s less chance of being caught. Proper lighting is a key aspect of maintaining a safe property.

There are many ways to use exterior lighting to your advantage. Consider motion sensors, light timers, and a variety of measures to protect the tampering of your lights.

Landscape lighting is not only beautiful, it also provides safety and security.

So, give yourself some peace of mind, call us today for a free landscaping light demonstration.

As a bonus, we’re taking 10% off the cost of all landscape lighting. But contact us soon, this special ends on September 30, 2015.

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