5 Benefits to Landscape Lighting

There are as many options when it comes to landscape lighting as there are homes and lawns to illuminate. With an abundance of size, shape, color and placement options, homeowners often feel overwhelmed by landscape lighting and opt to avoid it. In reality, even a small amount of lighting can pack a big punch. Here is a list of 5 primary benefits to consider when deciding if landscape lighting is right for you!

Promotes Safety

Safety is an enormous benefit of landscape lighting. Illuminating walkways helps you safely navigate your property after dark. Placing lights on either side of your driveway makes it easier to track accurately when backing out at night, particularly if your driveway is long or curvy.

Promotes Security

While we’re on the subject of safety, we’d be remiss not to address property security. Lighting that effectively illuminates your property is a huge deterrent to intruders. A statistic put out by the Trenton Light and Water Company states that, “a two-year lighting study done in Washington D.C. shows a 44% decrease in burglary and a 22% decrease in vandalism after the installation of outdoor lighting.”

Increases Asthetic

Your house might be the most attractive house in the neighborhood during the day but without landscape lighting, it will look gloomy and unattractive at night. Proper lighting adds a warm and inviting glow to any property. It also creates a welcoming atmosphere for evening guests.

Increases Home Value

As a society, we are typically willing to pay more for things things we deem attractive and real estate is certainly one of those things. Professional landscape lighting greatly increases the aesthetic of your home. Add that to the increased safety and security that the lighting offers and you will very likely see an increase in your home’s value.

More Time to Enjoy

Landscape lighting extends the amount of hours each day you can utilize your outdoor space. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your square footage. You light your indoor space, right? Then why not illuminate your outdoor space so you can also enjoy that 24-7? Whether it’s reading a book on your patio at night or hosting a backyard cookout after sunset, it will allow you to enjoy the vast expanse and versatility your property provides.

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