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Paver Trends for Patios and Walkways

All you have to do is walk through the checkout line at your local grocery store to pick up tidbits on the latest interior design trends. Splattered across the covers of countless magazines is everything you want to (or don’t want to!) know about the latest paint colors, decor choices and space configurations. Oddly, outdoor landscaping and hardscaping cycle through trends of their own but don’t get nearly the publicity of their interior counterparts. Let’s take a little time to dive into outdoor hardscaping trends, specifically paver trends for patios and walkways.

Patios and walkways

More and more, Midwestern patios are a seasonal extension of our indoor living space. We love to come home from work and lounge out back, grill up dinner on a hot night and invite our friends over for an al fresco weekend shindig.

Well-designed walkways go a long way in increasing curb appeal, inadvertently adding value to our homes. They are also highly functional – allowing us to navigate our property with ease.

Both patios and walkways pack a big punch.

So what kinds of materials are people using to build these prominent outdoor spaces?

Trending paver choices

Concrete pavers are arguably the most versatile patio and walkway material. Why? Unlike natural stone, with its imperfections and inconsistencies, concrete pavers can be customized to look a million different ways while at the same time appearing homogeneous. Natural colors are IN. Gone are the days of plain grey concrete. Now, paver stones can be dyed, textured and imprinted with patterns. Additionally, while patio and walkway pavers were historically small in size and arranged in a basic grid formation, today’s trend demands large paver slabs and unconventional layouts. These pavers also have the uncanny ability to mimic the appearance of wood plank and costly marble, making them an economical go-to for many homeowners.

In addition to large paver stones for walkways, many homeowners are opting for these large stones for outcroppings and are designing more curvy, contoured patio spaces; space that is more inviting and promotes a conversational vibe.

The use of flagstone is also trending in the Midwest region. Admired for its flatness, grainy texture and varying color blends, homeowners are embracing warm earth tones in favor of orange, red and grey color schemes and designing striking flagstone patios and walkways.

At McDonough Landscaping, we use only top-quality materials, utilize expert design techniques and install all of our jobs with attention to quality workmanship. We install interlocking pavers as well as natural stone, block, brick, loose materials and tile and we love designing living spaces that suit the unique needs of our customers. If this summer left you longing for a more functional and aesthetic patio or walkway, we would love to work with you to design the perfect solution for your outdoor living space. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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