Get Your Yard Ready for Grads and Dads!

Summer is a season of al fresco entertaining – from grad parties to Father’s Day celebrations and everything in between. After a long winter with all its harsh elements, spring yards look tired and are in desperate need of TLC. Here are some great tips for getting your yard into tiptop shape so you’re ready to host all your summer guests!

Set a budget: As with any project, a little fix here and a little addition there can quickly snowball into a bigger scope of work and price tag than planned for. A budget is the best way to avoid getting in over your head.

Address lawn problems: Spring has way of highlighting all the unsightly bare spots in your yard. Put down grass seed where needed, fertilize your entire lawn for thick, lush grass and trim unkempt bushes and shrubs. Your efforts will shine, guaranteed!

Attend to deck maintenance: Check your deck for any loose or rotten boards or railings and repair or replace them as needed. Then end with a thorough power wash for a stunning finish. You might also consider a fresh coat of paint or stain once the surface is repaired and clean.

Power wash and edge sidewalks, walkways and patios: Attention to hardscaping is not to be overlooked. These simple measures will dramatically improve the aesthetic of your entire property.

Container garden: Planting flowers and vegetables in pots and arranging them on your deck or patio or alongside your garage adds a delightful splash of color and enhances the natural feel of your landscape.

Incorporate lighting: There are a whole host of fantastic lighting options available for outdoor use. Consider adding string lights above your deck or patio, citronella torch lights around your seating and eating spaces and position solar lights along walkways for a warm and festive feel.

Deep clean and prep your grill: If your grill has been sitting idle all winter it’s going to require some maintenance to get up and running for all your summer cookouts. In addition to cleaning out the grill box and scrubbing the grates also consider inspecting your propane tank for any leaks. Love grilling and want to step it up a bit? Look up ideas for creating a grilling station to house all your utensils, plates and drink ware. It will save you from running back and forth to the kitchen for ‘one more thing’ and allow you to truly relax while you’re cooking and enjoy the company of your guests.

Build or clean your fire pit: If you don’t already have a fire pit, consider adding one to your backyard or patio. Fires make a great gathering spot when the sun goes down and everyone wants to recline and partake in some post-dinner conversation. If you have a fire pit already, clean out the old ashes, weed around it and pile up some dry wood so you’re ready to build that first fire!

Decorate! It’s amazing how adding an outdoor rug and some all-weather throw pillows to your deck can make the atmosphere even more cozy and inviting!

Control pests: Mosquitoes, flies or other pesky insects can make or break a gathering. Spraying the perimeter of your lawn as well as any wooded areas on your lawn prior to hosting your next event might just save the day. That way, the special Dad or grad in your life does not have to compete with unwanted bugs for center stage! Contact us to learn more about our summer pest control program!

If you love these ideas but are ready to go bigger, McDonough Landscaping would love to partner with you to take your outdoor living space to the next level! We would love to help you design and create your dream outdoor kitchen, bar or buffet island, transform your patio or backyard with a stunning outdoor fireplace or fire pit, build you a custom pergola or install your own in ground pool!

If you are interested in a creating a backyard oasis this summer, we would love to connect with you! Give us a call or visit our website to schedule your free consultation!

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