The Battle of Materials

Paver LandingDesign and quality sets us apart. The McDonough Landscaping team uses a variety of pavers, colors, textures, and patterns to create a unique look. Inlays and multiple borders create a visual interest that extends beyond the typical walkway or patio.

It’s a go.

You decided to transform your blah backyard into a lush oasis. The design process is done, now what?

It’s time to pick the products and materials.

One of the biggest choices you’ll have to make when installing a walkway, patio, or pool deck, is whether to use pavers or stamped concrete. While visual appearance is usually at the top of mind, you’ll need to look for a material that stands up to the weather, requires little maintenance, and looks like new for a long time.

To make the decisions process a little easier, I compiled a list of pros and cons for using stamped concrete versus pavers.

Stamped Concrete

• upfront cost – slightly lower per square foot
• large variety of colors and patterns
• imitates the look of natural stone or interlocking paving patterns

• eventually cracks (due to settlement or changes in weather), stains, and fades
• non-resistant to freeze-thaw cycles
• difficult to match color when patching
• requires resealing every two to three years
• slippery when wet
• cost of repair and ongoing maintenance can get expensive

Pavers (AKA Paving Stones, Brick Pavers)

• aesthetically superior – patterns and colors can be used to create striking designs
• easy upkeep
• space between pavers allows for movement with pressure, expansion and contraction – no cracks due to change of season
• manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy loads
• numerous possibilities to customize
• easy to change or make repairs
• no time needed to cure
• the space between pavers facilitates water drainage from rain and snow

• if not using the right materials, weeds can grow between pavers
• pavers can become uneven with improper installation
• may occasionally need sand to fill in spaces between pavers

After careful consideration… the winner is pavers!

The McDonough Landscaping team has experience with both paver and stamped concrete projects. As such, to the majority of clients, we recommend the use of pavers due to their overall appearance, durability, and flexibility. In addition, with the harshness of Minnesota winters, the years of maintenance and cost of repairs to stamped concrete far exceeds the expense of properly installed pavers.

As with any project, improper installation can lead to big problems. Our highly trained crew has performed this type of work for many years. It’s our goal to exceed your expectations of quality and customer service.

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