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Why Adding a Patio to Your Home is a Smart Idea

Why Adding a Patio to Your Home is a Smart Idea….and now is the perfect time to be thinking about it.

Creating a patio can be a great way to add value to your home. Earlier this year, the American Institute of Architects reported in their Home Trends Design Survey that the rate at which clients request outdoor living space has continued to increase over the past six years. This demand is not limited to temperate-climate regions of the country. In the northern states, homeowners value maximizing their outdoor experience during mild-weather months.


So what drives the demand for outdoor living space? First of all, outdoor living space or “bonus” living space is not heavily taxed and it doesn’t need to be heated or cooled like interior living space. It also facilitates entertaining and makes for easy clean up after hosting guests or even just feeding our own families. Heck, you can even eat with your feet up! And who doesn’t want an at-home getaway? After a busy day at the office, patio space provides a backyard oasis for winding down and relaxing. It’s astounding how even a small separation from our interior living space pays dividends in freeing up our mental space.


When designing a patio space there are a few key considerations that will help maximize the value it adds to your home. First, it’s imperative to design the patio close to an entry door that is 15-30 steps from your kitchen. This allows you to transport food between the two spaces with ease. Also, strive for balance. Keep in mind the importance of creating a patio that is proportional in size to your green space. A large patio and a tiny yard or vice-versa will look odd and won’t offer equal recreational opportunities on your property which could deter future buyers. In order to create an outdoor oasis it is necessary to choose a private location for your patio. This is likely off the back of your home and perhaps is built in combination with a privacy fence or privacy landscaping. After all, how can you unwind under the possible scrutiny of your neighbors?


With patio space the options are endless and are flexible with your location and budget. A few features to consider include…
Lighting: There are a plethora of lighting options. From motion lighting to flood lighting to walkway lighting…solar lights to lanterns to string lights…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Ask yourself if you prefer ambient lighting, functional lighting or both.


A fire pit: There are many different ways to incorporate a fire pit into your patio arrangement. You may choose a built-in pit made of brick or stone or perhaps you prefer a freestanding, mobile fire pit. Do you prefer something wood or gas-fueled? While a fire pit alone won’t necessarily add value it will certainly add ambience to your patio space which will ultimately increase its appeal. It provides a charming crackle and a cook surface (hotdogs and s’mores anyone?) and is a warm and welcoming place to gather with friends.


Water features: Water features create a natural, spa-like atmosphere. Not only are they aesthetic (and can also be lit for ambience) but their sounds create a soothing backdrop to your patio experience. They are much cheaper to maintain and considered less hazardous than pools, certainly increasing home value.


An outdoor kitchen: If it is within your budget an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add luxury and increase home value. This facilitates a completely independent outdoor dining experience. If you can’t spring for a full kitchen you can include your preferred kitchen features. A built-in cook surface and bar seating certainly add comfort and appeal! Top off your patio with comfy outdoor furniture, kick back and take a load off.

If you would like help designing your perfect outdoor oasis, McDonough Landscaping would love to help. Contact us today to begin discussing your 2018 project!

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