4 Things Every Landscape Design Needs

fc30d1f8f4fe3efbc1f2eca27ae03d55It’s no secret that the real estate market is starting to recover.  Right now, supply is low, but demand is high.  However, according to a recent study presented by the KCM blog, it looks like that trend is about to change.  For the first time in a long time, homeowners are beginning to feel positive equity so they’re jumping at this first chance to list their homes.  As more and more homes come on the market and you start to think about listing your home, you’ve got to stand back, take a look at your curb appeal and really ask yourself, “If I drove up to my home, would I want to stop or just drive by?” Curb appeal is very important when it comes to selling your home. In this article, I’m going to talk about four things to incorporate into your landscaping design, according to Total Landscape Care.

  1. Eye-catching design – you’ll want to be careful here and make sure you don’t overdo it.  Walk around your neighborhood and take note of which homes catch your eye.  Keep your design contemporary and comparable with other properties in your area.
  2. Money saving design – potential buyers don’t want to get themselves into a high maintenance situation that could cause their water bill to sky rocket during the summer months.  Choose plants that look great, but don’t need a lot of attention.
  3. Energy-efficient design – trees and other sun blocking plants are going to make your home stand out form the rest.  Make buyers picture your yard as an oasis from a hot and human Minnesota summer day.
  4. Well-maintained design – don’t forget about your existing landscaping.  Are your trees healthy and a safe distance from your home?  Buyers and inspectors are going to be looking for this problem as they won’t want to deal with potential problems with roots in pipes.

Good landscape design not only requires a creative eye, but also an extensive knowledge of horticulture.  By hiring a professional, you’ll be sure you get great design, the right kind of plants, and your house sold in no time.  Contact McDonough Landscaping for an estimate and your yard is sure to get potential buyers knocking down your door!

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