3 Benefits Of Planting Trees In Your Yard

TreesDid you know that planting more trees in your yard can actually save you money and even has the potential to earn you money?  Yes according to MN Trees, trees are a living and growing asset.  In this article I’m going to talk about the benefits of trees.


Trees increase property values

If your trees are maintained, your property value is worth 3-7% more than properties with no trees or poorly maintained and unhealthy trees.  When buyers are out looking around at homes, they naturally gravitate towards properties that have an abundance of trees, giving your home great curb appeal.  In this case, trees not only make you money, they also sell your home!


Trees save you money

During a warm summer, having three trees strategically placed in your yard to shield your home form the elements has the potential to save you about 8% in your heating and cooling costs.


Trees conserve our environment

Trees reduce storm water-runoff, reduce air pollutant uptake, and reduce noise pollution.  No wonder why trees increase property values, they greatly improve our quality of life!


If you’ve put off installing more trees in your yard because you’re worried about the cost, you actually may be costing yourself money.  Contact McDonough Landscaping today for an estimate and we can help you start saving money with trees today!

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