Concrete Patios vs. Paver Patios

On the surface, concrete can seem like the obvious choice when deciding which material to use for your patio.  The low cost per square foot, and the ability to create a custom look with stamped concrete makes it seem like it has all the qualities of concrete paver stones.  However, looking down the road, paver stones have greater benefits over concrete.  In this blog, I’m going to compare these two most commonly used products for patios.



  • Create an eye catching, custom look
  • Low maintenance
  • Don’t crack in our changing climate
  • Sustainable & allow water to run off naturally


  • Concrete sealant can cause a slippery surface
  • Inevitably cracks
  • Repaired concrete is obvious
  • Can sink, requiring mud-jacking repairs

The ongoing maintenance involved with a brick paver patio is relatively easy.  To maintain the crisp and even look of your brick pavers, brush sand into the joints of the bricks; doing this regularly will prevent the erosion that comes along with snow, ice, and rain.  This will also prevent weeds from growing in the seams.  Pavers should also be sealed every few years to maintain the original color of the bricks.  This, along with sanding, will harden the joints so the pavers remain set firmly in place.

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