6 Cool Tools for Spring Gardening

We’ve got some great news to share with you…spring is coming! Once it gets here, we want you to be prepared. Every spring, the shelves at the home improvement stores are stocked with lots of new and improved tools to help you care for your plants. Which tools are the best?

We want to help you take the guesswork out of your spring tool shopping this year. Therefore, we got a little help from some of our friends at Small Gardens magazine. Here are a few of their top tools for 2013.

#1. Mighty easy mini diggers – great for adults who prefer to sit or kneel when gardening and reasonably priced at $16.99 www.radiusgarden.com

#2. Feed the birds – 5 ft. high sunflower sculpture that creatively feeds our winged friends. The back cone holds about 5 cups of black sunflower seed oil that dispenses in the front. One leaf holds water and the other holds seed for the platform-feeding species. Cost: $49.95 www.gardeners.com

#3. Snippety do da – Dramm garden scissors are a must have tool. It’s lightweight, ergonomic and equipped with 1-3/4 inch stainless blades. Cost: $12-$14 www.amazon.com

#4. Wall to wall – instantly beautify your walls or fence posts with Pamela Crawford’s living wall planters. Cost: $34.95 www.livingwallsbykinsman.com

#5. Perfect pockets – are you tired of losing your tools or struggling to carry all of them? Check out Colorwear’s garden aprons in red, yellow or berry. Cost: $14-20 www.amazon.com

#6. Lop it off – Dramm’s Colorpoint Telescoping Loppers provide great cutting capacity. Made of durable aluminum with non-slip rubber grips and easy-hold design. Now you can work longer and faster. Cost: $42-52 www.amazon.com

Did reading about these gardening tools put you in the mood to start planting? Rest assured, spring is around the corner.

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