Planning Your Landscape…Where do You Begin?

5Planning your landscaping project before you call a landscaper can maximize your time, resources, and enjoyment of your yard.  But where do you start?  Start to plan on your own by thinking of the perfect yard for your family’s lifestyle and how you want to use it.

Here is a list of 10 questions you should ask yourself pertaining to your landscape needs:

 • What do you like most about your site? What don’t you like? How do you and other members of your family plan to use the landscape and its new spaces?

• If you have pets, do they have specific requirements that will influence your design?

• Is there some particular landscape style that you want to use? Is your style casual? Formal? Modern?

• What is the architectural style of your house? What aspect of it do you want to carry through into the landscape?

• Are there any special plants you want to use? Specific colors or textures?

• Are there any plants your or your family members are allergic to?

• What type of paving surfaces do you like? Brick? Wood? Stone? Concrete? Other?

• Do you want to attract birds or wildlife? 

• Are there any easements, setbacks, or zoning regulations that will influence what you do? Are there any underground utility lines or old water pipes you should be aware of? Can you locate them from old plans? 

Now that you have some ideas about what you are looking for in your landscape, it’s the perfect time to check-out photos/ideas on other sites. Pinterest is a great place to start! There are also lots of other resources on the web such as McDonough Landscaping that can help with your planning efforts.  Be sure to check out manufacturers’ sites to narrow down the materials you want to use.  Rochester CP, Rockwood Walls, and Anchor Block are great resources to check out.  
When you meet with a professional designer, your compilation of ideas will help to paint a picture of the future function of your yard as well as your style. From here, your designer can suggest the right products, plants, and ambiance that will suit you.  For instance, if you’re never home during the summer, you won’t end up with a host of high maintenance plants.    
If you need help laying out a plan for your yard, please give us a call at 651-755-7901!

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