A Little Slice of Heaven

Three Top Landscaping Trends for 2015


Everyone’s talking about the latest trends. What’s new in designer couture – who’s trending on Twitter?


Well, since our designer duds consist of a vibrant blue polo and jeans, I’ll resort to a discussion of 2015 landscaping trends and not the hottest celebrity news.


1. Complete Outdoor Living Space

Notice that I used the word complete – gone are the days of stark paver patios! Now it’s time to create lavish outdoor lounges. After enduring the frigid Minnesota winter, wouldn’t you love to actually enjoy the balmy summer temperatures?


Thanks to new outdoor fabrics, which are made from acrylic fibers and are fade-resistant and waterproof, homeowners can create permanent living spaces outdoors with comfortable fabrics and furniture. Throw in a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and a top-of-the-line audio system (controlled by an app on your smart phone) and what do you have? A little slice of heaven.




2. Blended Plantings

Blended plantings, which incorporate edibles and ornamental plants, do double duty. Fruit-bearing trees and shrubs provide structure, color, and privacy when mingled with vegetables, herbs, and perennials. From parsley and chives, to pansies and strawberries, the choices are endless.


The joy of edible landscaping – there are no strict rules to follow.


Being able to eat your landscaping… priceless!


3. Water Features

We’re happy to see that water features are still trending in 2015. Who can resist the tranquil sound of trickling water? Water features run the gamut of self-contained portable fountains to high-end water walls. Whatever your budget, water features can help transform your yard into a scenic oasis.



Whether it’s for installation of a complete sound system or for design of a lazy river, the staff of McDonough Landscaping will take care of all your outdoor needs. Appointment times book quickly, so call us today and reserve a landscaping consultation date. 651.755.7901

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