In Anticipation of Spring

Let’s Face It

Winters in Minnesota can be brutal. It’s easy to close the blinds to the snow and cold, and instead focus on the cozy comforts of indoors.


Right now, I want you to face some harsh reality.

Open those blinds and take a good hard look at your yard. What do you see? Is it the lively mixture of deep evergreen trees and river birch against scarlet-colored dogwood or is it a barren wasteland of skeletal trees against a white (or worse yet, brown) backdrop?


Instead of throwing up your hands in disgust, now is the time to start planning for the scenic view of next winter. With a little forethought, there are numerous ways to create an interesting landscape. Bring your yard to a whole new level with plant colors and textures designed for each specific season.

snowy winter


Here are a just few examples of the vast variety of hues and textures you have to choose from:

Quaking Aspen – look spectacular in the autumn when the leaves turn yellow or gold

Crimson King Maple – rich maroon leaves and purple fruit last throughout the summer

Sargent Crabapple or Snowdrift Crabapple – gorgeous red fruit stands out in the winter

Redosier Dogwood – deep red branches look superb against the snow


Experiment with a variety of trees and plants which flow effortlessly from spring to summer, from fall to winter.


Now is the time to start thinking about a landscaping plan.

A well-planned design is an essential component to visually appealing landscaping. While you may want to tackle smaller projects, such as a flower bed, it is recommended that a professional be hired for hardscaping or extensive planting.


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