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8 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Fall Curb Appeal

As summer flowers fade and leaves begin to fall from trees and shrubs, the exterior of your home can begin to look a little stale. But with a little time and effort, you can brighten it up again. Freshen up your home and boost your fall curb appeal with these tips.

1. Keep Up On Lawn Maintenance

fall curb appeal

The bold colors of fall foliage add a lot of beauty to your yard on their own, but your lawn still needs some attention to keep it looking great until the snow flies. Rake frequently to keep falling leaves under control, then compost leaves or bag them up to bring to your local recycling center for composting. Once the lawn is free of leaves, patch any brown spots in the grass and edge your lawn for a neat, clean appearance.

2. Trim Trees and Shrubs

As trees and shrubs drop their leaves, they can start to look a bit disheveled. To give your yard a well-tended look, get out your pruning shears and give trees, bushes, and shrubs a trim:

fall curb appeal
  • Remove dead blooms and foliage
  • Trim back unruly stems
  • Remove dead branches at the base of bushes and shrubs
  • Have dead or broken branches removed from trees

For your own safety and the health of your trees, trust this last one to a professional. It’s important to have any problem branches removed now, before winter winds and the weight of snow and ice cause them to fall, potentially damaging your home.

3. Clean Out Flower Beds

As the flowers on your annuals fade, dig out and discard the plants, pulling any remaining weeds as well. Bring out your leaf blower to blow dried leaves from the corners of your flower beds.

Once you’ve cleaned out the remains of your summer plants, replace them with a few fall-blooming plants to add some vibrant color to your yard. Mums, marigolds, asters, sedum, flowering kale, or sumac will incorporate some lovely fall hues into your display. Lastly, add a fresh 2-3 inch layer of mulch to your planting beds for a sharp, clean effect.

4. Tend to Your Outdoor Lighting

fall curb appeal

As the sun rises later and sets earlier, having sufficient outdoor lighting becomes more important both for curb appeal and for safety. Line pathways with decorative lights, and install flood lights or lanterns near entrance areas. Consider adding landscape lighting throughout your yard and gardens if you don’t already have it.

Give any existing outdoor light fixtures a good cleaning for bright, sparkling lights after dark. Remove glass shades and clean them well with glass cleaner. Wipe metal and plastic parts down with an all-purpose cleaner and a soft rag.

5. Clear Out Gutters

Clean leaves and other debris out of your gutters to allow for better drainage and to protect your home from water damage. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams in the winter, so make sure to clean them out before winter weather hits. Call in a pro for this job to save yourself some time and the hazard of climbing the ladder yourself.

6. Make Your Exteriors Shine

fall curb appeal

Once the leaves fall from trees and shrubs that block the view of your home from the curb, your home’s external appearance becomes more apparent to passersby. 

Boost your curb appeal by washing built-up dirt from your siding and foundation with a pressure washer or the jet nozzle on your garden hose. Pressure wash your sidewalks and driveway as well while you’re at it. Then clean your windows inside and out. And if your home’s paint is faded or chipped, fall is a great time for a fresh coat.

7. Spruce Up Your Front Door and Porch 

Give your porch a thorough sweeping to clear off the last bits of summer debris. Check for loose railings and steps, and repair or replace as needed. 

If your porch floor and stairs are looking worn, consider a fresh coat of paint or stain. Repaint your porch furniture as well, if it could use brightening up. And finally, paint your front door in a color that complements yet adds contrast to your home’s siding and trim.

8. Decorate, But Keep It Simple

fall curb appeal

As the empty trees and shrubs leave your yard looking less than festive, adding a few fall decorations is a great way to brighten things up. A nice fall wreath on the front door and a few potted seasonal flowers will give your home an inviting and cozy ambience. Dress up your porch further with a few pumpkins or gourds and a new autumn-themed welcome mat.

When it comes to fall curb appeal, a few decorations can really perk things up. But don’t go overboard — too much decor can make your home appear cluttered. Keep it simple for ultimate fall curb appeal.

Looking to add landscape lighting to your yard, or need help with your fall landscape maintenance? The pros at McDonough Landscaping are here to help. Contact us today!

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