Fall Is Ideal For Planting

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Did you know that fall is an ideal time for landscaping?  That’s right, the gardening season is far from over, so roll up your sleeves and don’t put away those gardening tools just yet.  It’s time to get to work!  After reading this blog, you’ll know why fall is perfect for landscaping and which plants you should focus on for your fall transplanting and planting.


Our fall season this year, especially, is ideal for planting.  With the right kind of weather, your plants can thrive from fall planting.  The early fall soil is warmer and easier to work with than colder, freshly thawed spring soil and there is more time to work outside in the fall.  In the fall, we’re done with our drought season and the air starts to cool down.  This formula avoids over-watering of plants and reduces heat stress.  Below is some information on planting trees and evergreens in the fall:



In the fall, narrow-leaved evergreens can be dug and planted.  It is ideal to work with these trees early in the fall, so getting them in the ground before the end of October is ideal.  Since evergreens continue to transpire over the winter, they are sensitive to water shortages.  To reduce the amount of stress on your evergreens that are planted in the fall, deeply water them weekly until the ground freezes.



Be sure to provide your fall tree transplants with proper mulching.  With adequate mulching, your trees will continue root tip growth if the soil is warm enough.  The following are trees that can be planted in the fall, but should be in the ground by the end of October:

  • Amur Maple
  • Crabapple
  • Pruus species
  • Birch
  • Pagoda Dogwood
  • Willow


No, dropping temperatures, Labor Day, and back to school doesn’t necessarily mean the gardening and landscaping season is over.  If you’ve come up with some landscape ideas over the summer, now you know you don’t have to wait until the spring to execute those plans.  Give McDonough Landscaping a call today for help on your landscaping ideas so all you have to worry about next spring is how much to water your plants.  Connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest to see the many different ways we’re helping our clients create their dream yards!

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