Is landscape lighting really worth it?

One of the questions we hear most from our clients is, “Is landscape lighting really worthwhile?” Obviously we are partial to landscape lighting because it’s a service we offer and something we love to help our clients with. That said, there are many benefits to landscape lighting, such as:

Security–protect your home and your family by illuminating potential hiding areas around your home and deter unwanted intruders.

Safety–welcome your guests by making your paths and walkways clearly visible and avoid potential injuries and insurance claims.

Functionality–invite your guests for an evening deck/patio party with functional lighting that sets the right atmosphere and allows you to use outdoor spaces in the evening.

Beauty–highlight architectural aspects of your home and/or special features in your garden/landscape. Adding landscape lighting can increase the value of your home by highlighting its beautiful features.

Economy–save money with low-voltage lighting which consumes 1/3 less electricity compared to high voltage.

Still unsure if landscape lighting is right for your home and landscape? Call McDonough Landscaping and we will meet with you and set up a demo to show you how a little light can make a big difference to the appearance of your home and landscape, (651)755-7901 or visit us at

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