What’s Hiding In Your Yard?

This interesting little guy…could be hiding in your yard! This is the time of year when we begin to see a lot more mole activity. Moles are small mammals with strong front legs and long claws used for burrowing. They feed on a variety of insects and earthworms that live underground, searching through the soil for their prey. In the process of finding their food, they produce tunnels that push the earth up. This tunneling behavior can quickly destroy gardens, lawns and landscaping. Here are a few tips you can use to rid your yard of moles:

1. Avoid over-watering your yard. Over-watering can bring moles closer to the surface and make their tunnels more visible.
2. Use natural repellants such as Bonide MoleMax and Natural Guard Organic Animal Repellant.
3. Eliminate their food source by using insecticides to remove the larvae and insects from your yard so the moles have nothing to feed on.

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