Simple Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Summer

Whether you’re getting ready to sell, want to add some equity or are simply looking to dress up the exterior, there are plenty of easy ways to add curb appeal to your home.

Curb appeal for landscaping

Flowers and greenery: Pack a punch with annuals and/or perennials. Plan, design and plant a front entry flower bed or front lawn perennial garden. Flowers and plants create a warm welcome for visitors and natural beauty that both homeowners and passerbyers will enjoy. Sound like a bigger project than you want to tackle? Consider window boxes, planters or front stoop flower pots!

Lawn care: A little upkeep here and there makes a big impact on curb appeal. Stay on top of lawn mowing and weeding and bring dead patches back to life with grass seed and water.

Weeds: There are few things that make a property look more unkempt than weeds poking up through the grass. Kill weeds with spot-treatment liquid weed killer or pluck them out with a weed plucker for a chemical-free solution.

Lawn furniture: Add aesthetics to your lawn with colorful adirondack chairs and a fire ring. Just be sure you don’t overcrowd your lawn with a disproportionate amount of lawn furniture or it will detract from the appeal you’re working hard to create.

Outdoor art: Art isn’t just reserved for indoor spaces. Sculptures, chimes and fountains are easy ways to decorate your outdoor space and create a relaxing and inviting vibe.

Curb appeal for walkways

Paths: Landscaping with plants, stone or brick can help you construct well-defined paths on your property that are pleasing to the eye.

Walkway lighting: Solar lighting along your walkways is not only functional for navigating at night but it casts a warm glow from the curb.

Curb appeal for your home

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Painted door: Create a standout impression with a boldly painted front door that compliments your house color.

Exterior fixtures: Outdoor fixtures take a beating, especially in climates with extreme temperature changes! Dress up your door with a classy new door knob and knocker. If you don’t have a knocker, consider adding one as it makes a charming accessory! Also, house numbers are no longer just a functional way to identify your home but another fun way to accessorize and make a statement. Replace old house numbers with modern numbers that compliment the style of your home or your personal style. Swap out outdated front porch lights or sconces in favor of modern counterparts for better lighting and visual appeal.

Mailbox: Whether it’s attached to your house or on a post by the curb, replacing an old mailbox is a simple way to make a big impact. Consider choosing a mailbox that matches your door hardware for a sharp, cohesive look.

Front door decor: Throw a wreath hook over your door and adorn it with a seasonally inspired wreath. Buy four wreaths and swap them out each season – a wonderful welcome for guests as they come down your walk!

Powerwashing: There are few house projects more satisfying than powerwashing! Watch the dirt and grime slide off your siding, porch and walkways, leaving behind clean, bright surfaces that visually ‘pop’ against your lush lawn and landscaping.

When it comes to increasing your curb appeal, remember McDonough for all your landscaping services! From flower beds to hardscaping, we are your curb appeal experts. Contact us here to see a list of our exterior services and schedule a consultation.

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