Pack a Punch with These Summer Garden Party Ideas

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Make hay while the sun shines,” and during the summer months, the sun is certainly shining. In pretty much every way, the weather is ideal for tackling your growing list of exterior projects. Just be intentional about carving out time to sit, relax and enjoy all that hard work too! One excellent way to do this is by throwing a garden party. We compiled a list of ideas to help make your garden party something you and your guests will reminisce about when the snow’s piling up and summer is a distant memory. 

Flowers and foliage

In preparation for backyard entertaining, round up pots for planting flowers and foliage or vases for fresh-cut flowers. Plant a wide variety of colors and textures or stick with a singular color for a more dramatic effect. Snip or divide perennials from your garden or pick up annuals at your local greenhouse. 

One fun idea is to host a garden party around an in-season flower. Hydrangeas, sunflowers and lupine are three summer bloomers that would do well on center stage…as table centerpieces and in walkway planters!

Outdoor living

Ample seating is necessary for your garden party but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it! Patio furniture such as tables, couches and chairs, adirondacks and benches are inviting ways to accommodate your guests. Throw down some picnic blankets for a more casual, old-fashioned option. Also, string up hammocks and offer your guests a great way to kick back after a delicious, al fresco meal. 

Fire pits make a great gathering place for post-dinner conversation and s’more roasting! Watch the stress of day melt away as guests dine and relax among ponds, fountains and spillways that simulate a spa-like atmosphere. 


Lighting options abound. For an evening garden party, think globe lights under the eaves and umbrellas and draped in the trees. Tabletop or hanging lanterns, candles and citronella torches are a few other great ambience-enhancers. Solar lights along pathways help to insure the safety of your guests while adding them to your garden beds keeps your flowers and foliage the stars of the show. 

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