Spring Lawn Care Tips

images-5It’s going to be especially difficult this year to not get into the yard too early.  In the springtime, patience is key!  Don’t do anything in your lawn until the frost has come out of the ground and the soil has had a chance to dry.  Starting work too early will do more damage than good.  When the ground thaws there are a few things to do in the spring to get your lawn ready for a healthy growing season and summer use.  After all, grass is nature’s gym mat!
Raking your lawn will not only remove leaves and debris left behind by the snow, but it will also remove the thin layer of dead grass called thatch.  This will make way for new blades to come through.  While raking, look for patches of matted down grass and blades that are stuck together.  This could be what’s called “snow mold” and raking out that area should be sufficient to solve it.
Rake the soil for the area that needs seeding.  These areas could be dog spots, areas with heavy traffic and with snow damage.  Apply the seed to the loosened soil and lightly rake the seed into the soil or cover with a thin layer of compost.
Fertilize & Weed Prevention
Lawns grow strong with fertilizer.  Start with a slow-release granular fertilizer to prevent weed seeds from germinating.  To control weeds such as crabgrass from germinating, apply a pre-emergent herbicide, however applying it to your lawn too early will also prevent new grass seeds from germination.  A good time to apply fertilizer and weed preventers is when the soil is 55 degrees.  Another good indicator of the right time is when Forsythia blooms stop and Lilacs start blooming.
Lawnmower Care
During this time of waiting for your lawn to be ready for fertilizers, raking, and enjoyment, is a good time to tune-up your lawn mower. 

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