Clacy’s Garden: Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors

clancy-johnson-300x225Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting seeds indoors isn’t only a fun way to begin the gardening season early; it’s also affordable! If you’re planning a vegetable garden there are certain varieties that do better when planted as an established plant, thus enabling you to harvest earlier with a better yield. Starting seeds indoors also saves you money from purchasing established plants from a garden center.

There are a few things you need in order to start your seeds indoors:
Sunny, south-facing window
Grow light, if your window doesn’t get enough sun
Potting soil
Small peat pots
Plastic tray to set your pots in and catch water

Good plants to start now include tomatoes, herbs and pepper plants. Sow your seeds according to their individual packages in the peat pots, which have been filled ¾ of the way with soil. After you have planted your seeds, water the pots thoroughly and place them in your sunny window. To keep the soil moist, you can mist your seedlings several times a day with a spritz bottle. During the germination phase, turn your tray 180 degrees every two days to keep the sunlight even. Once the last possible frost has come and gone, your seedlings are safe to be planted outside. For our area, that time is May 15th.

Stay tuned as in May I will be discussing how to prep your outdoor vegetable garden and planting techniques!

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