trees and shrubs for Minnesota landscapes

The Best Trees and Shrubs for Minnesota Landscapes

Adding trees and shrubs to your landscape has many benefits. Trees and shrubs provide privacy, block wind, and offer shade. But how do you know what trees and shrubs to add?

One of the most important things to think about when you’re adding trees and shrubs for Minnesota landscape is the type of tree you want. You have three main options – coniferous, deciduous, and shrub. 

Choosing a coniferous tree for your landscape

Most coniferous trees are evergreens. Except for the tamarack, they keep their needles all year. Because of their large size and year-round coverage, coniferous trees provide excellent privacy and windbreaks. The best coniferous trees for Minnesota landscapes include:

Scots Pine Tree
Scots Pine
  • Northern white cedar: The northern white cedar is native to the Twin Cities, and the oldest tree in the Minnesota is a white cedar that’s more than 1,000 years old. Northern white cedars are an excellent choice for soil that’s cool and moist. 
  • White fir: The white fir is one of the most low-maintenance trees available. They don’t drop fruit or leaves in your yard. Plus, they can handle heat and drought conditions, and they’re resilient to the diseases that strike other evergreens. 
  • Scots pine: The Scots pine is hardy and provides great shade and windbreaks. However, the tree needs to be planted in a place that drains well. 

Finding the best deciduous trees for privacy and changing leaves

Deciduous trees are giant flowering plants. The word deciduous means to fall off, and that’s exactly what the leaves do every fall. Before the leaves fall, however, deciduous trees offer a gorgeous backdrop of changing colors. The best deciduous trees for Minnesota landscapes are:

Red Maple Tree
Red Maple
  • Bur oaks: These trees are native to Minnesota. They grow slowly but live for many years. Bur oaks can be planted in full sun, and they’re resistant to extreme heat. 
  • Red maple: If you enjoy the sight of vibrant, beautiful leaves in the fall, the red maple is the perfect tree for your Minnesota landscape. Red maples can adapt to almost any type of soil, but they don’t do well near salty roads in the winter.
  • Ginkgo: Many Minnesotans choose the ginkgo tree because it’s tolerant of harsh conditions, insects, and disease. 

Planting the right shrubs for your yard

Shrubs are any plant that has more than one main stem. Shrubs typically grow less than five meters tall, and they grow with a spreading habit. The best shrub for Minnesota landscapes is the:

Serviceberry Shrub
Serviceberry Shrub/Tree
  • Serviceberry: Serviceberries are one of the best trees and shrubs for Minnesota landscapes. They come as shrubs or trees, and depending how you grow them, they get between 8 and 45 feet tall. Unlike red maples, they’re also tolerant to salt, so they can be planted near roads that are treated in the winter. 

Time to plant the best trees and shrubs for your Minnesota landscape

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